Buchanan County is home to numerous parks throughout the 504 square miles which make up the county. Each park has its own amenities which vary from location to location.

Plan a picnic. Take a dip. Go for the swings. Climb a tree. You choose — but get outside and enjoy the great outdoors!


Big Rock Park
1054 School House Road,
Big Rock, VA 24603

Big Rock Park has a large playground area centrally located in the Park. The park houses several facilities that can be rented for the day or even weekend. A large gymnasium is on site, as well as a community center. The community center has all of the amenities of a kitchen at home.

The facility houses two indoor restrooms, as well as seating for 50, and a full kitchen area. The kitchen contains everything from stoves and refrigerators to coffee pots for your next event.

The Park has two small shelters along with a shared grill. No reservations are needed for the outdoor shelters. For questions, call 276-935-5725.

Enoch’s Branch Park
3564 Enoch’s Branch Road
​Grundy, VA 24614

The Enoch’s Branch Park has two baseball/softball fields and a playground, all of which require reservations to use. There are two shelters on site, each of which accommodate up to 100. For reservation information, call 276.935.5725 There is no cost to reserve a shelter. Hours of operation are sunrise to sunset. All dogs must be on a leash.​

Harman Park
2321 Bull Creek Road
Grundy, VA 24614

​The Harman Park has a gymnasium that can be rented to shoot ball on a rainy day, or maybe take in a baseball game on a sunny day on the newly update baseball field. The facility also boasts a batting cage area to get in a few swings before hitting the fields. The facility has several pieces of play equipment for the kids and a covered shelter to watch the kids from or take in a baseball practice. For reservations, call (276)-935-5725.

Poplar Gap Mini-Park
4043 Poplar Creek Road
Grundy, VA 24614

The Poplar Creek Mini Park is home to the newest community center in the county. This facility was built by the Career and Technology Center of Buchanan County. The building was built by the school as means of the program and has been since returned to the community to enjoy. This facility can be reserved for all that the facility has to offer. The facility seats around 50 people in the separate seating area, as well as restrooms, and a full kitchen. The Mini Park also has a short track around the park to enjoy a stroll. The facility also has play equipment for the kids and a basketball area. Also, a large shelter that comes with your reservation along with a grill. For reservations, call 276-935-5725.

Poplar Gap Park
1818 Fairgrounds Circle
​Grundy, VA 24614

The flagship of the county parks system, Poplar Gap Park features fairgrounds anchored by a performance stage, concessions and restroom, modern playground equipment, picnic shelters and a horse ring. In addition, the park boasts a gymnasium facility. For reservations, call 276-935-2643.

Poplar Gap Park Athletic Fields
1400 Park Road
​Grundy, VA 24614

The Poplar Gap Park Athletic Fields are located across from the Poplar Gap Park. There are three baseball fields and one football/soccer field. All fields are regulation size. Reservations may be made by calling 276.935.5725. There is no fee for use, or to reserve.

Grundy-Kiwanis Park
22037 Riverside Drive
​Grundy, VA 24614

The Grundy Kiwanis Park, also known as the Miller Richardson Memorial Park, is located just across from the Comfort Inn in Grundy and has multiple pieces of modern playground equipment. Access to the Levisa River is also located at the park location. Hours of operation are sunrise to sunset. All dogs must be on a leash.​

Keen Mountain Park and Whitewood Community Center
17362 Dismal River Road
Whitewood, VA 24657

The Keen Mountain Park is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. All dogs must be on a leash.

Baseball and softball fields are found on the park site, along with playground equipment, a performance stage and horse ring. Restrooms are located on site.

The park features three shelters. Two shelters seat 75. One seats 30. Reservations may be made by calling 276.498.1042. There is a $25 shelter reservation fee.

The nearby Whitewood Community Center accommodates up to 200. Kitchen access is available and there is an ice machine on site. Reservations may be made by calling 276.498.1043. There is a $50 reservation fee.

Verner Blankenship Park 
7447 Lesters Fork Road
​Hurley, VA 24620

Verner Blankenship Park features a performance stage, playground equipment and picnic shelters. For reservations, call 276-566-7172. Also nearby, the Trey Adkins Athletic Center offers a full-size gymnasium.

Trey Adkins Athletics Center
1014 D.A. Justus Road
​Hurley, VA 24620

William P. Harris Park and Council Community Center
1125 Quinn Branch Road
Honaker, VA 24260

The William P. Harris Park is located in the Council area of Buchanan County and is open daily from 9 a.m. to dusk. All dogs must be on a leash.

A pool, splash park, tennis and volleyball courts, and a walking track and playground are among the amenities. The pool and splash park  have a $3 per person entry fee. Concessions are on site.

Four picnic shelters are available, each of which accommodate 75-100 people. Reservations may be made by calling 276.859.2631. There is a $25 fee to reserve a shelter for use.

Next door to the William P. Harris Park is the Council Community Center. The community center can accommodate up to 300 and does have a reservation fee of $100. Kitchen access is available. To reserve the community center for use, the number to call is 276.859.0708