When it comes to exploring off the beaten path, Buchanan County is loaded with opportunities.

ATV riders and mountain bikers will find more than 200 miles of connected trail access – 7,900 acres – of riding possibilities along Spearhead Trails , Coal Canyon and Ridgeview Trails, accessed in Buchanan County in the Southern Gap area.  ATV rentals are available through Southern Gap Outdoor Adventure. Permits are required by Spearhead Trails on their system and may be purchased at a number of retail outlets you will find listed on their website.

On the other end of the county, ATV enthusiasts will find hundreds of miles of trail to explore on the county’s ATV Trails.  

Motorcyclists will want to explore the 92- mile Gargoyle Trail through Buchanan County, part of the Appalachian Backroads system. Our Appalachian Backroads offer travelers countless ways to “Get Your Motor Running.” More than 1,500 miles of vetted byways climb to the edge of the horizon and descend thousands of feet to verdant valleys below.  Fourteen top-rated crooked riding routes provide scenic overlooks, high elevations and a variety of easy to technical experiences. Motorcyclists may download tank maps and GPX from the Appalachian Backroads website for the Gargoyle loop trail.

Mountain bikers and hikers will enjoy the Bull Creek Trail  and the Mike Young Bike Trail . The Breaks Interstate Park also has numerous breathtaking hikes and overlooks which expose you to spectacular views of that area we often call “the Grand Canyon of the South.”

Click here for trail details, locations, and maps.

If geocaching is your passion, Buchanan County has plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Be the FTF and add the caches in and around Buchanan County to your found list! ​As all geocachers know, being the First to Find (FTF) is always a coveted honor! With hundreds of caches hidden throughout Buchanan County, you just might be the First to Find some of them — and if you’re not the First to Find, you’ll be one of the folks to find. In the search to locate, you’ll see some places that if they’re not on your bucket list, they should be! More than 80 caches alone are located in the Breaks Interstate Park. Southern Gap Outdoor Adventure and Spearhead Trails’ Coal Canyon Trail  are two other great locations to begin your search. Check out www.geocaching.com and enter any one of the following zip codes in Buchanan County: Big Rock – 24603; Grundy – 24614; Hurley – 24620; Keen Mountain – 24624; Mavisdale – 24627; Maxie – 24628; Oakwood – 24631; Rowe – 24646; Vansant – 24656; Whitewood – 24657; Wolford – 24658; or Breaks, 24607 to find the cache information for those locations. Happy hunting and good luck!