If high adventure is not your style — or if you just want a day to relax — Buchanan County has a number of other ways you can choose to enjoy the beauty of our natural surroundings and our community. You can choose to Exercise It, Golf It, Park ItShop It, Visit It or Watch It . No matter what you choose, you’re sure to enjoy new opportunities to explore what Buchanan County has to offer.


Fore! Golfers have two avenues in Buchanan County to enjoy a round of golf. From Willowbrook in the Breaks, to Mountain Top Golf atop Compton Mountain, golfers have a couple of choices to pursue to enjoy their favorite pastime.


Plan a picnic. Take a dip. Go for the swings. Climb a tree. You choose — but get outside and enjoy the great outdoors! Buchanan County has a number of parks which offer picnic shelters, playgrounds and more for both local and visitors to enjoy.


A variety of shopping is available for a little retail therapy. From traditional big box stores and smaller chain stores, there are also a number of locally owned shops  offering everything from furniture to jewelry to overstock bargains and more!


The Grundy Community Center offers moviegoers three cinemas showing new releases. Make your plans to catch a show! Parking is available under the theatre building. Listings change weekly.


there are plenty of opportunities for exercise! From hiking and biking trails,  to the local YMCA, fitness buffs will find a fit friendly atmosphere throughout Buchanan County!


A  7,500-square-foot visitor center is now under construction at Southern Gap and when it opens in 2019, it will feature interactive wildlife displays, mountain arts and crafts and more!